About Us


E-Guardian Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a new company established July 2021 in HCMC, E-GUARDIAN VIETNAM, owned by E-GUARDIAN INC. The company has local Vietnamese bilingual personnel and provides customer support services in Japanese. E-GUARDIAN VIETNAM, as a new base for the E-GUARDIAN Group, will contribute to both quality and price.

E-Guardian Inc., was established in Japan in 1998 is a “Comprehensive Internet Security Company” that provide a one-stop solution to all your internet security needs through: Post Monitoring, Customer Support, Debugging, and Cyber Security, major in the Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) Industry for many Japanese clients.

We also provides vast array of outsourced services such as website monitoring, net patrol , image filtering, internet advertisement management, and non-voice customer assistance for game support services and online community management. The Company ensures to provide the best customer support service to our clients and its consumers.

And as we expand our network not only within the Asian countries but as well as for E-Guardian to be known worldwide, we guarantee quality and one of a kind experience in all our offered services.



I would like to begin with expressing my gratitude to everyone who have helped start the journey for E-Guardian Vietnam especially in these hard times.

I also would also like to express my deepest gratitude to our employees for their continuous diligent work. Without you all, we would have not been able to start and keep being successful as we are today.

E-Guardian Vietnam will continue to grow through overcoming all obstacles with integrity and flexibility without forgetting that our client’s and employees’ success comes first.

My wish is that every employee in E-Guardian Vietnam to continuously grow both as business-person and as members of society. And that their growth contributes to the success of all people involved with our team.


Through our communication with our clients, we will respond “Quickly”, “Flexibly” and “Powerful” in order to meet their expectations.


To Our Clients

We are responsible for all internet users. Our goal is to have everyone use the internet at ease and securely through our services. In addition, we are also responsible for every companies that offer internet services. We aim to develop our partnership with companies having the same goals as ours by being acknowledged as a good mentor. For that reason, we assure to develop and provide the best Social Web Services that can make users feel relieved by always giving effort for advancement and improvement. We will keep on providing high quality and high-value added services for a reasonable price.

To Our Society

We have the responsibility for the community in which we live in. By improving the internet literacy of the society, we will contribute to the maintenance of a healthy community and the healthy development of the internet society. Through these activities, we will contribute not only to the internet society but also to the harmonious solidarity with the real world. Also, as a result, we will adhere to the laws and regulations, contribute to significant social projects and welfare, as well as be responsible in paying appropriate taxes as good citizens.

To Our Employees

We have the responsibility over all of our company employees. We give proper credit to our employees and ensure that they have a working environment where they can do their tasks with their minds at ease.


Nguyen Thi Xuan Hoai - Customer & Web Support Team Leader

Everyone in the company is like a family. It's been about one year since I joined the company, and I feel like I've finally understood my work. The seniors were very kind and taught me things one by one.

I think there is a hierarchical relationship, but I felt that it was an open company where I could exchange opinions frankly when I saw them using their knowledge in their respective fields of expertise to exchange opinions, regardless of their superiors or subordinates. I think EG Vietnam is the company that thinks about being rich in employees first. Frankly, I'm much happier than before and I'm really lucky to be a member of EG Vietnam.

Currently, I am in charge as a leader, but I still have many mistakes and I am just being helped by my seniors and clients. Therefore, I would like to eliminate mistakes, do my best to become a full-fledged person, and be assigned more important work.

Also, I would like to become a knowledgeable employee by interacting with various customers.

Pham Thi Yen Nhi - Customer & Web Support Sub Leader

From an inexperienced person in the field of customer care, especially in the IT and game field, E-guardian has helped me to improve my language skills and my ability to understand clients' thoughts.

E-guardian has opened up many opportunities for employees to challenge themselves, helping people become more mature when facing difficult challenges. For me, E-guardian is a great place for those who love work that requires meticulousness and professionalism along with fast and stable advancement opportunities.

Being a person who was inexperienced in customers service, especially regarding IT and game field, I used to be an insecure and unconfident employee on the first days at work. However, E-guardian has helped me to improve not only my linguistic skills but also my competence to analyze customers' psychology. E-guardian always create numerous opportunities for us - their employees to challenge ourselves so that we can learn and grow up through those demanding missions and challenges. For me, E-guardian is an ideal workplace for those who are passionate about jobs requiring meticulousness and professionalism, together with potential growth and promotion.