Career (JP)

E-Guardian Vietnamで一緒に働きませんか?


Your main roles are:
● A Japanese Web Support Specialist shall be responsible in keeping the internet safe, secure and accessible for its users by providing a variety of web solutions and services.
● Perform various web support tasks including but not limited to Customer support, Web monitoring, Text and image filtering, Content management on various websites and platforms, Data entry and analytics, Internet advertising management, and other similar and/or related assignments.
● Perform administrative tasks including but not limited to accomplishing timesheets, expense reports, and progress summaries and reports within the timeframe designed by Leader/Manager.
● Interact with customers and ensure that they have a satisfying experience.
● Monitor customers for violations of regulations or policies of the organization.
● Inform their Supervisor or a Security personnel of any irregularities they observe.
● Enforce safety rules and report hazards.
● Explain how to play games or to use web applications to customers.
● Check the current chat flow of Customer inquiries.
● Create notes about cases that the inquiry has not been able to handle, therefore suggesting more questions and corresponding answers.
● Analyze chat flow, update and suggest appropriate answers.
● Summarize weekly comments.
● Test chatbot and update reports to optimize inquiries.
● Other ad hoc tasks as assigned by Leader/Manager.


● Has at least completed 2nd year college education, in any field of study.
● Must have a strong Japanese skill in writing, reading, listening and speaking (equivalent to N2 level)
● Prior relevant work experience is not required (newly graduate students are encouraged to apply).
● Able to work on flexible shift hours.

● Has experience in studying or working in Japan, minimum of at least 6 months and above
● Has experience in working at a Japanese company on a Customer Service industry

● Self-discipline, strong work ethics, personal and professional integrity.
● Excellent customer orientation and team player skills
● Can easily recognize problem and can immediately find solutions for it

● Can find a rewarding sense of satisfaction for supporting other people
● Can learn from failure after challenges and do self improvement to avoid the same
● Does not blame others, and can change by themselves

● Friendly, Cooperative, Well-organized, Positive


<Work start date (negotiable)>
1st November, 2021

PS: Only qualified CVs shall be contacted for an interview.

Do whatever it takes to satisfy all customers and clients. Do it right the first time. Do it as often as the customer requires it. And, if we can’t deliver for some reason, help the customer to find someone who can meet and exceed our customers’expectations.

Your mission is to support Japanese clients by using your Japanese skill and ability.

Thus, your role is very important and you have a very big responsibility. If you are a person who likes to support others and feel happy in achieving goals together with your team while supporting surrounding members, click