The company has local Vietnamese bilingual personnel and provides customer support services in Japanese.


Giving You Only Excellent and Hassle-Free Customer Support Services

Customer Support

We provide outstanding customer support for a vast array of subject matters while offering cost-efficient service pricing that fits your budget.

Game Customer Support

We provide high-quality user-oriented customer support which extends to the complete understanding of the player’s mindset to answer the player’s needs.

Chat Support

We provide real-time 20/7 assistance with your inquiries as well as concerns through chat, therefore improves user satisfaction.




One major reason for our Vietnam expansion is the increasing labor shortage in Japan. Larger companies with global access can easily spread their reach and hire candidates across the world. What about mid-size and smaller companies? This is quite difficult task for companies with no direct route or knowledge to gather candidates to begin with. Looking for someone with high IT literacy on top of this, make this task nearly impossible. I have seen many talented young people from overseas who have longed for Japan, studied Japanese culture, and mastered the Japanese language, but have not been able to find jobs that make use of their passion and skills. At a glance this seems easily fixable. However the hard truth is that the difference coming from language, culture and values is often difficult to overcome and do not lead to positive results for both parties. Yet, I still strongly believe that there is great potential for mutual growth if we can find a binding point. E-Guardian Vietnam was established on the belief that it will be that binding point. We will be that binding point to connect Japanese companies to the global market whilst keeping our mission of “Building a Safe and Secure Internet.”



-We provide “Sales Outsourcing” service, a service that has been becoming popular since the Coronavirus outbreak to contribute to efficient business execution and improvement of the business environment of our clients and customers- E-GUARDIAN VIETNAM CO., LTD (https://e-guardian.vn/) in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam (General Director: TAKESHI TERADA) hereinafter “E-Guardian Vietnam”) will be in collaboration […]

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