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Build Your Outsourcing Team

We offer a wide range of data annotation services as well as other BPO offerings including 20/7 Customer Support Services, Social Media Services, Advertisement Review and Operation Support, Net Patrol (Post Monitoring), Debugging – Rating, Consulting, Cloud Security, Cyber Security, AI Solutions.

Customer Support Services

We provide expert and hassle-free multilingual support in English, Japanese, Korean and French to help your business succeed in the International Market.

Advertisement Review and Operation Support

We protect the soundness of Internet advertising by distributing ads to appropriate websites as listing advertisement and affiliate advertisement.

Social Media Services

Supports social media operations starting from creating social media policy, to technical operation, analysis, and social listening.

Net Patrol (Post Monitoring)

We conduct monitoring for a wide variety of domains ranging from; Community Sites, Electronic Bulletin Boards and, Broadcasting Videos in order to provide the safety and security of various Web services.

Debugging – Rating

We provide debugging support for game applications, software, and IoT systems.


We provide our clients with innovative security solution, business processes review and business outsourcing optimization.

Cloud Security

We provide the best next generation WAP to protect your organization’s web application from cyber-attacks.

Cyber Security

We provide a wide range of security service such as web application vulnerability diagnosis, security training and cyber security consultancy

AI Solutions

We utilizes a huge amount of data based on more than 10,000,000 post monitoring per month & the operation know-how done by AI and People.


How To Build Your Outsourcing Team