Game Customer Support

Service Outline

Staff with over ten years of gaming experience to support your Operations.

E-Guardian ensures to build a support team well versed in the needs of your company. Our support team has a complete understanding of a player’s mindset as well as knowledge gathered from over ten years of operation experience on various support channels such as e-mail, telephone, and chat. Also, we offer flexible plans and team support, depending on your budget and needs.

Using an optimal channel for flexible support

We support users on your behalf by utilizing different channels of communication such as email, telephone, SNS, as well as chat tools. We also ensure smooth communication with users by improving the response speed and quality of replies while making sure we answer each question as accurately as possible.

User-oriented Customer Support

To answer the players needs, we offer services for all stages of game development by creating templates, FAQs, and flow, as well as services for game updates. Moreover, all our services are operational 24 hours 365 days regardless of holidays.

A One-Stop Solution from Debugging to checking Customer Information

We offer a wide range of support, including responding to users’ inquiries, as well as debugging with the actual devices, and searching for customer information to reduce your workload.

Localizing games to enjoy games from a different cultural perspective

Localization is not only about adapting the text or UI of a game according to a particular language or culture. In-depth, we capture the essence of each character and ensure that their personalities, such as habitual speech patterns and dialects, don’t become lost in translation. With our team’s rich knowledge of games and language, we can preserve the developer’s original game design and allow the players to enjoy the game from a different cultural perspective. Moreover, by understanding the diverse cultural needs of your target users, we can develop your product and have it adapt to a particular culture, then adjust it into a more familiar, comfortable, and playable form for the target audience.


Our user support can be selected from “prepare dedicated person (booth)” or “contract based on the number”. The first one is the monthly price, and the other one is the pay-as-you-go price model.

If you tell us game contents, promotion content, target number (MAU or DAU), we can calculate based on the past experienced numbers. Also, for example, “○th in sales ranking in each store” kind of answer is possible.

*This is just a prediction, and will not guarantee.

We share information such as the number of correspondence and inquiry overview in a daily report. A wide variety of reports such as a trend investigation of inquiries, collecting opinions and requests, improvement proposal of the FAQ, and events and service improvement proposal are available.