Customer Support

Service Outline

Cost-efficient service pricing that fits your budget

E-Guardian Vietnam can handle a wide range of your daily business needs, from making quick reservations to providing technical support that requires in-depth knowledge about products and services.

Our accumulated expertise allows us to provide consistent, 24/7 round the clock, high-quality support for services of any scale. All services are custom-made, based on our shared operation to fit our client’s needs for both quality and budget.

Optimized FAQ and Inquiry Forms

We optimize the way our web services operate by applying our collective knowledge gained from our extensive support experiences. In detail, we collect and analyze inquiries from clients and include common concerns in our FAQs. Hence, we reduce the number of similar queries. Furthermore, we also offer improvements for inquiry forms like improving entry field content and build an organization of an environment where users are less inclined to get confused.

A high-quality, low-cost system that operates 24/7, 365 days a year.

E-Guardian Vietnam understands website concepts, users, and trends from inquiries, and has created an Operation Manual of compiled FAQ and flow of reports. We offer support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Furthermore, we offer a shared plan for acquired charges that provides support for 100 incidents per month, therefore providing a cost-effective framework to start.

Global Operation Center in the Vietnam

E-Guardian Vietnam has provided several services such as customer support for cross-border e-commerce and game. As E-Guardian Vietnam has played a role as the base for the global development of the E-Guardian group of companies, it has achieved remarkable growth, particularly in online advertising management and services related to internet security.

System Flow Chart

By shared service, in which operators run multiple tasks in parallel, we offer custom-made pricing tailored to the volume of your tasks or budget. We can flexibly support depending on seasonal fluctuation, such as increasing operators only for the periods with more inquiries.

We can handle customer correspondences, order acceptances, as well as order confirmation. On top of that, we can also provide support for business esventuring in the customer support field in EC sites.