Sales Outsourcing

Service Outline

E-Guardian Vietnam Co., Ltd. co-operate with E-Guardian Inc. to take over the Sales Outsourcing service.

Our major feature is to provide a service that can be flexibly customized according to customers' budget and requests, and we will propose a plan customized according to customers' wishes.

In offshore, we provide high-quality plans while keeping costs down, and we also flexibly handle other incidental sales operations according to costs.

We can design flexible plan for only from 1 month

As we don’t know the effective when we approach customers only in the campaign period, therefore you can sign trial period contract with us for the first time according to the customer's trouble situation. Also, if the conditions are the same, the period can be extended up to 10 business days before the end day of the contract. In addition, we will flexibly respond to requests such as set the maximum number of cases according to your budget, requests to send emails to specific industries, etc.

High quality and low cost operation

By supporting from E-Guardian Vietnam, which has abundant Japanese human resources, we realize high quality but low cost, and cost performance that is higher than that of our company or Japan. In addition, we can also support Japanese for the front desk, so you can communicate in Japanese for instructions.